Northeast Public Sewer General Overview

Billing and Due Dates
The District bills for it's services on the last day of every month.  The due date is the 15th of the month unless that date falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case the due date is moved to the nearest business day. Your due date is printed on every bill for your convenience.  Please return the lower portion of your bill with your payment to aid in crediting your account.

Connection Fees and Permits
A connection fee is due to the District prior to connecting you homes sewer lateral to the Districts collection system. Upon payment of the current connection fee, the District will issue the property owner a permit to tie to the sewer.  Please note that an inspection is required.

District Funding
The Districts annual operating budget is based upon the total revenue to be collected from connection fees and monthly sewer service charges. There are no alternate sources of revenue.

More information on these and other topics of interest may be found under the Information Topics on this page.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact the District staff by phone at (636) 343-5090, or through the
Contact Us page on this website.

District hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., except holidays.
Northeast Public Sewer Information Topics

1)  Billing Information
  1. What rate do I pay?
  2. How is my rate established?
  3. What are the different ways I can pay?
  4. How and when am I billed?
  5. How are commercial customers billed?
  6. How do I get a lien released?
  7. Why was my sewer and/or water service disconnected?
2)  Connection Information
  1. What is the residential tap on fee?
  2. What is the commercial tap on fee?
  3. What is the lateral inspection fee?
  4. Where and when can the fees be paid?
  5. Can my unused tap on permit move with me?

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact the District staff by phone at (636) 343-5090, or through the Contact Us page on this website.

District hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., except holidays.

1.) Billing Information
  1. What rate do I pay - The District's monthly user charge is divided into three components. All customers of the District pay $31.73 as a monthly base charge. A customers monthly average water usage over the winter quarter (January, February & March) is used to determine the usage portion of the bill. This average monthly usage is charged at a rate of $3.17 per thousand gallons. Once established, the residential usage portion of the bill remains constant for the entire year. If you average water use over the winter quarter is in excess of 7000 gallons, you will incurr an excessive usage charge as follows:
    If you are new to the District, have not established a winter quarter usage, or are served by a private well, your bill will be based upon the District-wide residential average water usage. Currently, that bill amounts to $43.32 per month.  (back to top)

  2. How is my rate established - The sewer rates are set by the Board of Trustees of the Northeast Public Sewer District under the advise of staff and in consideration of the budgetary needs of the District.  (back to top)

  3. What are the different ways I can pay - There are several ways you can pay your sewer bill:
    • In person - Customers can pay by check, cash or Visa, MasterCard or Discover in person at the District office - 1041 Gravois Road, Fenton between 8:00 a.m. and 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays.
      • By Phone - Customers can pay their bill over the phone during normal business hours using Visa, MasterCard or Discover. The District offers this service as a convenience to our customers and does not charge any additional fees for its use.
      • By Automatic Deduct - Customers may pay their bill by bank draft or automatic credit card charge. To establish payment by automatic deduct complete this form for bank draft or this form for credit card and deliver to the District office with the required documentation. Please allow 30-days to establish your auto deduct account.  Single and recurring credit card payments may be made online by using the link on our homepage.
      • Drop Box - Customers may also use the 24-hour drop box located at the front door of the District Office at 1041 Gravois Road.
      • Pay Online - Customers may pay by credit card and view their current balance and charges online by using the 'button' on the home page of the District website. The District and it third-party agent offering this service are both PCI compliant to ensure security and confidentiality to your account information and payment transactions.  (back to top)
  1. How and when am I billed - The District mails all residential bills every month on the first day of the month via the USPS. Commercial customers are billed on the 15th of the month, also via the USPS. Please be aware that the District does not control the delivery schedule of the mail and cannot be responsible for its prompt delivery. If you do not receive your bill, please contact the office by phone or in person to have a replacement bill printed or to pay the balance due.  (back to top)

  2. How are commercial customers billed -The District's commercial customers are billed using the same criteria as our residential customers, as described above with one notable difference. The usage portion of the commercial customer's bill changes every month to reflect actual monthly usage.  (back to top)

  3. How do I get a lien released - Liens are placed on properties that have an outstanding balance due to the District and no one resides on the premises. The payment of all outstanding balances for service is required prior to re-establishing service to the residence. Please note that the balance due stays with the property, and a sale of the property does not negate the balance.  (back to top)

  4. Why was my sewer and/or water service disconnected - Bills that are more than three months in arrears are subject to water or sewer service disconnection for non-payment of sewer bill. Restoration of service and reconnection will take place only after all past due amounts, including the late charges, disconnection and reconnection fees are paid in full.  Each public water district charges the District a disconnection/reconnection fee of $100 in addition to the District's disconnection/reconnection fee of $100.  These fee are collected from the customer prior to authorizing restoration of water service. In the event a customers sewer lateral has been dug up and disconnected from the main and capped by the District, all fees and outstanding balances must be paid in full prior to being authorized to reconnect to the sewer system.  The District will charge the customer its costs to dig up and cap the lateral.  It will be customer's responsible to pay a plumber or drain layer licensed in Jefferson County to reconnect the lateral to the sewer system.  (back to top)

2)  Connection Information
  1. What is the residential tap on fee - The District charges a fee of $2,500 to connect to the sanitary sewer main. This is a one-time fee that is assessed to every home, mobile home and apartment that is being provided sewer service. A customer may pre-pay their connection fee at any time and may also request a refund of the original value of their connection fee at any time.

  2. What is the commercial tap on fee - The District charges a commercial entity a connection fee that is based on the size of the customer’s water meter. The schedule of commercial connection fees is as follows:
    Water Meter Size (in)Connection Fee
    1 1/2$12500
    4" or larger on a case-by-case basis as determined by Executive Director
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  3. What is the lateral inspection fee - A $50 inspection fee is charged in addition to the connection fee to offset the cost of inspecting the proper installation and connection to the District's sewer main. Should a connection fail its inspection, another $50 fee will be due to the District prior to every subsequent inspection.  (back to top)

  4. Where and when can the fees be paid - Connection fees may be paid at the District office at 1041 Gravois Road in person by cash, check or Visa, MasterCard or Discover. A completed and signed application for connection must accompany the payment. It is highly suggested that an appointment be made prior to arrival.  (back to top)

  5. Can my unused tap on permit move with me - Although a connection permit is written for a particular address at the time it is applied for, it may be re-issued at no extra cost for a different address within the District boundaries. A homeowner may also elect to keep the permit with the property following a sale at the permit holders discretion. Please contact the District office in writing to make either of these requests.  
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