Northeast Public Sewer District Specification Overview

Northeast Sewer District Forms and Documents Northest Public Sewer District Forms
The documents that are provided on this page are for the convenience of the District customers and engineers that perform work within the District. In section 1, the Standard Easement document contains a coversheet that is formatted to comply with the requirements of the Recorders Office of Jefferson County, do not modify. It also contains the District's standard easement language that is required for all easements that are to be obtained on the Districts behalf and is not subject to modification. The space allotted for modification is for the metes and bounds description of the actual easement. The Standard Easement Exhibit also provides a format to follow to meet the Districts requirements.

Northeast Public Sewer District Sewer SpecificationsDocuments contained in section 2 are .pdf files of the District's current standard details. These documents are of 'D'-sized drawing sheets.

The remaining documents are self-explanatory and have instruction sheets that accompany each. Simply print a copy of the document and instructions, complete the form and deliver to the District administrative office with all of the other addition information required.