Northeast Public Sewer District Homeowners Frequently Asked Questions

Northeast Sewer District Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sanitary Sewer Lines?
Sanitary sewer lines are those which convey wastewater from neighborhoods and business parks to the pump stations and treatment facilities. Sanitary sewer lines are always eight inch in diameter or larger. The Northeast Public Sewer District maintains the eight inch or larger sanitary sewer lines. There are some exceptions to the Districts acceptance of maintenance responsibilities.

What are lateral sewer lines?
Lateral sewer lines are those which convey wastewater from homes or business to the eight inch or larger sanitary sewer line. Lateral lines are usually four or six inch in diameter and are located on the customers property. The homeowner or business owner is responsible for the maintenance of the lateral sewer line from where it leaves the home to the connection to the sanitary sewer line.

What are Storm Sewers?
Storm sewers are those which collect rainwater run-off. Storm sewers that handle rain water run-off and yard-drains are not maintained by the District. It is against the law to direct storm water or ground water into the sanitary sewer system, including open yard clean-outs, sump pumps, gutter downspouts and footing drains.

Does Northeast Public Sewer District take care of all sewers?
The District only maintains the sanitary sewer lines that handle wastewater that comes from homes or commercial property. Lateral sewer lines are the responsibility of the customer and storm sewers are maintained, typically, by the entity that maintains the streets.

Do I need permission to connect to Northeast Public Sewer District's sewer system?
Anyone who wishes to connect to the District's sanitary sewer collection system must contact the District prior to any connection being made. Connection agreements and connection fees are required for all connections to the system. However, in some instances such as a new subdivision construction, the developer or home builder may have already obtained permission to connect the home to the district's system. In all instances, the homeowner must contact the District office to be certain that the connection fees have been paid.

Can I get a refund of my connection fee?
The original purchase value of any connection fee paid to the District is refundable, provided they have not been used.

Are inspections required?
Yes, District inspectors must inspect all sanitary sewer construction, repairs to the sewer mains, and lateral connections made to the sanitary sewer system. All inspections require a 24 hour advance notice.

Does the District tax it's customers?
The Northeast Public Sewer District is not a taxing entity. All revenue is generated through the monthly fee for service.