The Northeast Public Sewer District (NPSD) is committed to providing reliable, uninterrupted sanitary sewer service. From time to time it is necessary to make improvements to the system to ensure that reliability. Our collection system is located within easements on private property or public rights of way. If you are visiting this website because you received a notice from NPSD, please click on the map below with the location or project name identified on the postcard. In addition to the project specific information on your map, below are some frequently asked questions related to work associated with improvements or repairs.

Who will be performing the work? - The work may be performed by either the NPSD maintenance staff or a contractor working for the District.

How will my property be restored? - The answer to this question depends on nature of the work, what is disturbed and how extensive the disturbance. If the area is excavated, NPSD typically restores a manicured lawn with sod. However, if the area disturbed is small or if it is not a good time to sod we may restore with seed and straw. Driveways or sidewalks are restored in kind. That is, we will restore with the same materials (concrete for concrete, asphalt for asphalt, etc.). If it is concrete, we typically remove the entire panel to the joint. If it is necessary to remove a tree or shrub, we do not typically replace those. In most cases, the restoration will be days or weeks after the sewer improvements or repairs and may be affected by weather.

What is the schedule for the work? - That may not be known exactly at the time the notice was mailed. Different factors can affect the schedule such as weather, material acquisition, progress of other work, etc. Typically, the work will be conducted soon after locates have been completed by utility companies.

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