The Northeast Public Sewer District (NPSD) is committed to providing reliable, uninterrupted sanitary sewer service. Sanitary sewer cleaning is a routine operation that results in a debris and blockage free gravity sanitary sewer system. NPSD crews need to be able to access the sewer system manhole structures to complete the cleaning activities. If the sewer system is in an area of unmaintained property, it may be necessary to clear the easement of heavy brush or trees for the crews to have proper access.

Easement clearing operations will normally be conducted between the hours of 7 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Property owners are notified that NPSD crews will be conducting easement clearing operations on their property by a postcard notice sent thru the US mail.

How are the easements cleared? - If the area has been cleared previously or the growth is not that thick, a brush hog mower will be used. If the growth is thick, District crews may use a brush cutter attached to a skid steer, a wood chipper for disposal of material, chain saws or other heavy equipment as needed. If trees need to be removed, they will be cut down and the stumps removed.

Will the District remove all trees in the easement? - No, only those trees that inhibit access to the sewer system for cleaning and inspection activity, or those that are causing a problem with the sewer system will be removed.

If a tree is cut down, can I keep the wood? - Yes, but please contact the District's maintenance supervisor to coordinate this issue. If we do not hear from you, we will remove the fallen tree from the area.

What if the equipment used to clear the easement leaves the ground denuded? - If the ground is denuded, that is stripped of all ground covering leaving bare dirt, the District will seed and straw the area to re-establish vegetation.